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Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

Besides COVID-19, have you received a booster or vaccination for another virus in the past five years?2022-08-18
Where do you get most enjoyable entertainment nowadays?2022-08-05
Which of these "old-timey" things do you still use or do?2022-07-18
Have you ever been dumped for someone younger?2022-07-05
Would you date a devoutly religious guy?2022-06-18
Have you had COVID-19 or a recent variant?2022-06-05
Have you ever lost your sex drive?2022-05-18
Do you think the Supreme Court will undo its 2015 decision on gay marriage?2022-05-05
Have you ever been targeted by a scammer on a dating site or app?2022-04-18
I have stopped wearing a facemask for these reasons:2022-04-05
Do you take naps during the day?2022-03-18
Do chewing, crunching, eating, and other mouth sounds bother you?2022-03-05
What kinks or fetishes do you have?2022-02-18
Have you smoked or do you smoke pot?2022-02-05
When did you first visit the Apollo web site?2022-01-18
What was your relationship status 25 years ago and how has it changed?2022-01-06
What makes Christmas special to you?2021-12-18
The Omicron variant is here, are you wearing a mask?2021-12-05
Have you ever pumped your manhood?2021-11-18
What age man are you most interested in?2021-11-05
How often do you use cash?2021-10-18
Who is or was your most profound male role model?2021-10-05
What nude activities do you partake or have partaken in?2021-09-18
What kind of games do you play on your computer, tablet, or phone?2021-09-05
What is the characteristic or trait that defines you?2021-08-18
Have you ever used crystals, pendants, bracelets, or other objects with healing or protective properties?2021-08-05
What do you do to maintain friendships?2021-07-18
Do you have body aches and pains at your age?2021-07-05
When will you or did you stop wearing a mask in public?2021-06-18
Do you leave the lights on around the home?2021-06-05
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