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First Gay Presbyterian Ministers are Married Lesbians

Why do the gay women always go first in breaking records? No soon than the Presbyterian Church USA approved same sex marriage last week than Rev. Kaci Clark-Porter and the Rev. Holly Clark-Porter tied the marriage knot at Wilmington, Delaware's First and Central Presbyterian Church. (See Photo above.) Two gay married people getting ordained? Now that's hitting the ball out of the park for sure.

As a former Presbyterian clergyman, I am more than a little envious. Back in the day, I spoke in the church's highest courts for acceptance of gay people, something the Presbyterians could not bring themselves even to vote on back then. I saw "straight" women ordained as ministers during that time, but I never thought it would take the Presbyterians another thirty-five years to ordain openly gay men or women.

Now gay Presbyterians can be ordained and married. We will post here when the first gay, married male is ordained as minister for the first time, whatever their denomination.

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