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Life Without the Internet

Apollo Network was not effected, but our home Internet connection went down for two days, meaning we could not get on line except through a cell phone. (Yes, cell phones are great when you are away from a real computer, but they require a lot of work, sharp eyes, and patience.)

I had no idea how attached I was to what I could do at home on the computer, naked or clothed, ordering things, paying bills, downloading e-books, checking my bank balance, answering important messages, and reading the Apollo Forums for the latest postings of wisdom and humor from men around the world.

For me it was a flash back to the early 1990s. I looked into the abyss and wondered what we did in those days. Go to the Mall? Hit the bars. Get on BBS (Bulletin Boards)? Two unconnected days convinced me that now these are the good old days.

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A fellow Apollo man would like to know whether race and ethnicity matters when looking for a partner. We have simplified this poll to five answers. Please choose the one that best fits you.

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