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Supreme Court Justice Says Kentucky Clerk Must Issue Licenses to Gays

Lawyers will say almost anything to win their cases, but regarding the Kentucky Clerk who refuses to issue licenses to gay couples, her lawyers reached a new low in saying if their client can't be accommodated based on her religious objections, "then elected officials have no real religious freedom when they take public office." (Above: Mormon man and his six wives. The US Supreme Court ruled against the religious freedom to practice polygamy. This was also a civil rights issue as the women were not free to have [own?] many husbands.)

In the lawyers' minds does "religious freedom" mean breaking with the US Constitution, the laws of Congress, or her own state? Of course, Martin Luther King, Jr., practiced civil disobedience, but he willingly went to jail to show his respect for breaking laws against his religious and civil beliefs. This woman wants to break the law because of her personal beliefs and stay out of jail. Suppose all 300 plus million Americans decided which laws they would obey or break because of "religious reasons?"

Even her stupid lawyers would not be defending her if she refused to allow people of color, Jews, Asians, Presbyterians, divorcees, people who eat pork, or non Christians, all of which she may believe are going to hell.

Yes, the woman has her religious freedom. She can wear her little "sin sifter" hat while issuing marriage licenses to gay couples; she can get a religious tattoo, or wear a crucifix around here neck, but her work place is not her pulpit. She's also free to quit her job and find one that allows her to practice her faith, maybe church work, or become an evangelist and hand out Bibles on the streets. But she cannot get a job in a bar and refuse to sell beer or work in a city, state, or federal job that requires people to follow the laws of the land.

Religious freedom is perfectly fine as long as it does not impinge other people's religious freedom or their civil rights.

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