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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

We send you our best wishes for great holiday season as well as a Happy New Year. I am especially thankful for the Apollo Men who have been with us over the years, many from the beginning. You all are in my thoughts during this this time of year end celebration.

Above is a photo of the Texas State Capitol Building. Texans pull out all the stops for making the season bright and beautiful.

If you have a favorite Christmas/holiday photo of your country, please feel free to share it for posting here. Best wishes to all. Ron at Apollo

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Have you ever tried to seduce a sexy cop when you were stopped for a traffic violation?
Yes, and I was successful. I didn't get a ticket.
Yes, and I was successful, but he gave me a ticket anyway.
Yes, but he ignored my advances.
No, I wanted to but it was too risky.
No, but only because I've never had the oppotunity.
No, cops aren't sexy.

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Are you turned on by a man in uniform and do you think cops are sexy? We're sure many guys on Apollo are. This poll was sent in by a fellow member. He wants to know if you have ever tried to seduce a cop during a traffic stop. Maybe you've even fantasized about it. Choose the answer that best fits you.

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