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Evangelical Ministers Coming Out for Gay People

In the days of euphoria following the US Supreme Court's Ruling supporting same sex marriage, we heard the insane rants of the usual political and religious conservatives, but over a hundred evangelical preachers spoke out in favor of the the ruling. WTF? Yes, those born again, Bible thumping preachers are beginning to see the light, or as I like say, they are siding with the angels, not to mention sanity and the US Constitution. (Above: Sign on Chicago Church)

Here's is a posting of the Reverend Mr. Adam Phillips, Pastor of Christ Church, Portland, Oregon. It is an easy read and will give you examples from the Bible to help you understand his view point, namely that the Holy Spirit is moving Christians to be totally accepting of gay people. Whatever your religion or lack thereof, this is good news and a turning point. To read what the good minister has to say, Click Here.

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