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The Tenth Anniversary of "Brokeback Mountain"

When the iconic gay cowboy movie "Brokeback Mountain" came out ten years ago, the only US State where gay people could legally marry was Massachusetts {2002). (The first country in the world fully to legalize gay marriage was The Netherlands in 2001.)

The main straight actors were bold even to play in a gay themed movie, but the careers of Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, and Anne Hathaway were not impeded by the break through film. While director Ang Lee received an Oscar for his work, Hollywood, one of the gayest places on the planet, could not bring itself to give the film Lee directed an Oscar. It went instead to a totally forgettable movie.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary, the website OUT has interviewed the actors and people associated with the film and shared touching stories, including how some crew members behind the cameras responded in tears and support for the now famous men and women who showed their emotions so adeptly to the whole world. To read the OUT article, Click Here.

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