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Got 10,000 Gay Colored Christmas Lights?

(From news links) Lexi Magnusson, a lady who lives in a small town outside of Seattle, Washington, recently met her new neighbor, a woman who stated outright that she and her family had moved away from Oregon because schools there were "making it okay" for students to be openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The neighbor went on to say that it was completely unacceptable for her children to attend a school that allows same-sex couples at prom and lets trans teens openly express and celebrate their identity.

Not that it matters, but the homophobic neighbor was a Mormon and assumed (as believers often do) that she was speaking to another Mormon who shared her hateful views. Mrs. Magnusson did not and responded: "Your kids are going to be exposed to this no matter where you take them. Kids these days get it. They know not to be horrible to other kids based on how they were born."

After the confrontation and her shock at blatant homophobia, Lexi decided to decorate her lawn with a giant, glowing rainbow flag made of 10,000 Christmas lights. (See photo above.) For more details, read the article by Clicking Here.

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