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Legalized Gay Bashing Continues In Dixie

Just when you think that people are accepting, if not grudgingly, same sex marriage, there is always news from US States below the Mason-Dixon Line showing continued stupidity on the part of state legislatures.

RALEIGH, NC The North Carolina state Senate voted on Wednesday to allow government officials to refuse to marry same-sex couples without fear of being fired, adding a new twist to the gay marriage debate in a region where such unions have faced strong opposition.

North Carolina, which began allowing gay marriages last year to comply with a federal court order, had banned same-sex matrimony in a 2012 referendum. It is among 37 states where gay marriage is legal. (Above: Photo of the lovely North Carolina State House, inside of which are passed some ugly laws.)

LITTLE ROCK, AR The State Legislature passed an anti-anti-discrimination law. Yes, two antis meaning that they state law prevents cities and local government from passing anti-discrimination laws to protect gay people. Here's one of those southern states yammering about the ills of "Big Government" in Washington, but the state government of Arkansas then plays the "big government" card over the will of local governments telling them they can't protect the rights of their own people.

AUSTIN, TX The state legislature actually celebrated last week ten years of anti gay legislation. In the state's on going fight against gays and same sex marriage, the Republican majority saw ten years of backward thinking as some kind of land mark.

Southern racism has not died. It has only covered one face and shown another of hatred to another set of people, gay people.

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