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Indonesia Nixes All Gay People for Youth Ambassador Job

(From Newsweek.com) The Indonesian government has posted an advert for a new youth ambassador position that orders members of the LGBT community not to apply. The country, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, has not outlawed homosexuality but same-sex relationships are not openly welcomed, and the ruling government has made efforts to marginalize the community.

The advert reads: "We require someone physically and mentally healthy, not involved in promiscuity and sexually deviant behaviour, including LGBT, which should be proven through a doctor;s certificate."

Indonesians criticized the advert in online forums, according to Mashable, with one person writing: "Oh the irony. Don't they know who [is] the backbone of arts & creative industry?"

Human rights groups have criticized the current anti-LGBT atmosphere in Indonesia despite same-sex relationships remaining legal. (For more read the full article at Indonesia).

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