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Are Americans turning away from Religion in Large Numbers?

While the political right continues in sync step with the religious right, you might think there is a resurgence of religion in the USA. New polls show quite the opposite. There are as many "nones" (people who check non religiously affiliated) as there are Catholics or Southern Baptists.

No one is likely to forget when those dozen Republican Presidential wannabes all held up their hands saying they believed in creationism and a 6,000 old universe, when nearly every grade school child can name dinosaurs that lived 100 million years ago. These candidates all ignored their individual state universities that unquestionably teach Darwin's biological evolution. Talk about being behind the learning curve.

But no matter if you are religious, a Republican, Democrat, or a "none," an article discussing this change of US culture is a look at things to come. Click Here to Read It., and feel free to express your opinion on the Apollo Forums. All views are welcome.

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