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"Fear not, we are of the nature of the
lion, and cannot descend to the destruction
of mice and such small beasts."

Elizabeth Tudor, born 1533
Queen of England, 1559 - 1603

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Have you ever had a sexy webcam / video chat session?
Yes, I do it all of the time.
Yes, I have hot cam sessions on occasion.
Yes, I used to do it, but not any more.
Kind of. I watch people camming, but I don't get behind the camera.
No, but I want to some day.
No, I don't think I'll get into camming.

About this Poll

Camming has been around a long time, even before Skype and Facetime existed. This week, we would like to know if you currently get online and have sexy cam sessions with people. The site or the app you use doesn't matter.

Read through the answers and choose the one that best describes you.

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