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Gay People Are Ahead of the Curve
Historically, gay people have moved to the cities to get immersed in culture, education, and exposed to a wide variety of humanity while their straight siblings stayed on the farm to plow corn or milk the cows. In the city gay youths got competitive jobs that require them to type, develop their communication abilities, and expand their people skills. The bigger the city the more they honed their talents and developed new ones. (At Left: Tim Cook, openly gay CEO of Apple.)

While their straight siblings were learning to use bigger tractors or a new machine to milk the cows, their gay siblings were learning to program computers, design websites, study financial investments, or take college courses for self improvement. On Sunday they were not forced to attend a religious meeting where the leader shouted and supported any number of outdated issues. In the past when city gay people felt they had to marry, their children were sent to schools far superior than their gay parent(s) had attended in the country.

In the 19th Century American more people lived on farms and in small towns and villages than in cities. Gay people had no choice but to accept the local mentality about politics, religion, gays, and racism. After the normal post pubic sexual experiments of same sex fun, they were socially expected to marry or flee their State Capital.

I believe that small, persecuted groups in society learn to be survivors by aiming higher than the majority. While most people are putting in their 40 hours and becoming couch potatoes at night and on weekend running errands or wasting hours sucking beer and tied to some football game or brain dead golf tournament, smart gay people are using their time wisely to become wiser.

The more people come out of the closet, the more we will see that there is a wonderfully disproportionate number amount of gay people in the top ranks of their fields.

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Did you have a mentor or someone to help you when you were a young gay man?
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Yes, I had a straight woman who was supportive.
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Many gay men did not have any positive gay role models or people to support them when they are growing up. A fellow Apollo Man would like to know if you had an older mentor or someone who was accepting and supporting of you when you were growing up.

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