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Latest News and Coronavirus Information

Florida Policeman first Coronavirus Cop Death

NBC News: Sheriff's Deputy Shannon Bennett of Broward County, Florida, died April 3 from COVID-19, the first coronavirus-related death of a law enforcement officer in a state that has only recently begun to grapple with the global pandemic. Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony confirmed Bennett's death and said he had apparently contracted the coronavirus in the line of duty. (For full article, Click Here.)

The Queen's Speech

Queen Elizabeth II whose son has the virus, has filmed a message for her country and the world. This films speaks volumes. What Her Majesty lacks in oratory, she makes up with compassionate words. Why can't American politicians speak in this fashion to their people? Every time the current elected US leader opens his mouth it is all about making him and his administration look good. He might as well have a sign over his head saying: "I am running for reelection and will do whatever it takes to win. no matter how many die." To hear the genuine humanity in the Queen's Speech, Click Here.)

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