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"A true friend is someone who thinks
that you are a good egg even though he
knows that you are slightly cracked."

Bernard Meltzer, 1916 1998

American Host of a widely popular advice radio show.

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Current Poll
Did you ever come out to your parents?
No, they have no clue that I'm gay.
No, they died long ago and I never came out to them.
Yes, I did and they were very accepting.
Yes, I did and they weren't happy about it.
Yes, one parent is accepting, but the other is not.
They found out on their own and were fine with it.
They found out on their own and weren't accepting.
They know, but we never talk about it.

About this Poll

It's 2024 and many attitudes towards gays have changed since Apollo was started.  But our parents were born in a different era, and they might not be as inclined to change their views.  This week, we would like to know if you ever came out to your parents.  If you did, Were they accepting of you?

Take a minute to read through all of the answers and choose the one that describes you best before submitting your response.

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