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A bright new day and era dawned in the United States today, January 20, 2021. Metaphorical the sun did not come up until high noon Eastern Standard Time when Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States along with the first female Vice President, Kamala Harris.

There has never been an inauguration so fortified by troops that were a reminder to the world of the insanity of the previous occupant of the White House and his vindictive attack on the US Capitol. President Biden had insisted on having the inauguration on the same steps, that two week ago to the day, the attackers had desecrated with hateful and murderous minds and hearts.

May the blessings for sanity, love, morality, and righteous living fall upon our new leaders and the entire country and world.

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Will you give up or have you given up alcohol in January?
No way!
It crossed my mind, but no.
I tried, but failed.
Yes, I've made a commitment to not drink in January.
I don't drink, so this doesn't apply to me.
I've done it before, but this January will be wet
I've never heard of this, I'll pass.
I've never heard of this, sounds like a good idea.

About this Poll

Apparently, for over a decade, some people have been abstaining from drinking alcohol in January. We were wondering if any Apollo men took a break from drinking at the start of the New Year. There are many options available, choose the one that best describes you.

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