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New PBS "Cured" Celebrates "Coming Out Day"

(Above 1971 is a photo of gay people gathered in New York state capital Albany to demand gay rights and declare that "Homo Is Healthy." )

In May 1970, Gary Alinder and fellow members of the activist group the Berkeley Gay Liberation Front attended (he called it invaded) the National Convention of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco. The activists' purpose was to confront the more than 10,000 psychiatrists present about the designation of homosexuality as a mental illness. The organization had maintained that characterization since 1952.

Said Alinder, "We figured it was an opportunity for us to be there and raise our voices. We said: 'This is our lives we're talking about. We know them better than you do.' We created a bit of an uproar, and that was our intention."

A new documentary, "Cured," premiering today on PBS (Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day) chronicles the years long campaign, which ultimately led the APA to remove homosexuality from its manual of mental illnesses in 1973.

The 1973 decision was 'a momentous turning point in the movement for LGBT equality,' said producer and director Bennett Singer, who teamed up with Patrick Sammon to make "Cured." (To read the full article, Click Here.)

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