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Pissed Off about Public Bathrooms

I hate it when I rushed to the Walmart men's room to find a sign up saying it is closed and being cleaned. The other men's bathroom is at the back of the store, and at my age every step counts in holding it in. Rather then having them page for a mop in aisle six to clean up my urine, I've decided one of these days I'll have to use the women's bathroom.

Fortunately, I don't live in North Carolina, Tennessee or one of the other southern Bible Belt States where the legislators are obsessed with keeping male and female "birth" piss out of the same toilets.

On my first trip abroad I used hotel bathrooms where the sexes commingled to do "their morning business." Toilet and shower stalls afforded everyone privacy, and the arrangement took me five or six seconds to accept.

The various US States' legislative bathroom concerns are fostered by the fact that the rural vote still carries more weight in State laws than is democratically acceptable. Men from the farm lands and mountain hollows of NC and TN vote their prejudices against their own big city's saner views.

In short, the rubes have been forced to give up on keeping gays from marrying, but they will sure as hell keep people they perceive as gay from enjoy a good and convenient piss at Walmart or Target.

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