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The Rise of Part Time Gay Prostitution

Back in the day, many cities had places where men picked up gay men for "business sex." The public toilets were famous for meeting men mutual sex (only fluids were exchanged) and business sex (where cash was exchanged). Also, popular were parks and some straight bars or even street corners. (See photo above of a working guy.)

When meeting men for sex in these places, the first order of business was to determine if the encounter was for mutual pleasure or a business arrangement. As a rule the mutual meetings were men of the same age, and the business arrangements involved inter-generational couples. (There is a famous Five Star Hotel in Venezuela where local gay youths dress up and meet American businessmen for a nice dinner and some bed fun.)

These kind of sexual meetings almost ended with the spreading of the Internet where sites are dedicated to setting up sex meetings between older men and youths. On line can rent a boy to take to dinner and/or to bed.

Now some gay youths are turning to part time prostitution to pay their rent and college bills. They see their services as a temporary thing to help them to pursue their real life goals. For some it has become a lucrative enterprise. To read more details on part time gay prostitution, Click Here.

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