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The Trial of the US President Begins

Above: Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme Court being sworn in to preside over the trial of the impeached US President.

Feel free to share your comments on this historical event in the Apollo Forums below.

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Current Poll
What is your guess on the Trump Senate Trial?
Republicans will dismiss the case quickly ending the trial.
A Republican majority will acquit Trump.
Trump will be found guilty by the required majority.
Trump will be found guilty by a sizeable majority.

About this Poll

Before the Trump Trial officially begins, we would like to know what your guess on the outcome is. Will he be acquitted by the Republican majority? Maybe you believe that some Republicans will weigh the evidence and decide to convict Trump.

Choose the answer that best applies to you. And remember that there are two articles of impeachment and it will take 67 votes to convict and remove Trump from office.

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