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Sydney Gay Area Gets its Rainbow Crossing Back

Sydney, Australia (from News Source): "Five years after Sydney's popular rainbow crossing on glittering Oxford Street was removed in the middle of the night, it is coming back. (See photo above of the first crossing.)

The Sydney City Council is returning the colour to the heart of gay Sydney by announcing a replacement rainbow crossing in the Taylor Square area.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the move was "incredibly significant" to the community.

"It was devastating when it was removed with no warning in the middle of the night," she said. "Not only will this crossing be a colourful celebration of our LGBTQI community, but it will also be a trial of new sensors to give pedestrians as much crossing time as possible."

The rainbow crossing became a global sensation in 2013, but at the end of a one-month trial, and following a bitter feud with the council, it was covered over by the State Government.

Its removal sparked public backlash and made international headlines." (For photos and more information, Click Here.

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