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Cruising for Male Sex

No can say for sure when "cruising" became the word for looking for public sex with other males, but this "sex hunger game" has been going on since ancient times. Yes, even in the Bible, men were cruising so much so that the priests forbade the building of altars in woody area because in the trees was where men felt safe cruising and having gay sex. (At Left: Cruisers in Madrid)

In modern times cruising has gone beyond (but still includes) wooded areas. Photographer Boots Bryant has a 61 photo collection of men in the "cruise" mood, looking for and having sex. To view these cursing photos, Click Here.

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With Will & Grace coming back on the air, a fellow member wonders if any other Apollo men have had close friendships with straight females. Perhaps this is a common thing, or maybe not.

You don't have to be as close as Will & Grace to choose the Yes option, but it must be closer than a regular friendship. Use your own judgment and choose the answer that best fits you.

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