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Woman Was Not Christian Enough for Employer

HOUSTON (CN) A Texas logistics company fired one of its employees because she was not Christian enough and "needed to examine her walk with Jesus," the woman claims in court.

Dee Anne Thomson sued Houston-based Gulf Winds International for age and religious discrimination and retaliation, claiming it fired her after she refused to distribute religious literature at work.

Thomson, a 52-year-old mother of five daughters, was transferred to a different facility, demoted and eventually fired after she voiced opposition to the company"s overtly religious practices, according to her lawsuit filed Tuesday in Harris County District Court.

Thomson's Complaint states: "Despite the fact that they are subject to laws regarding religious discrimination, defendant on a daily, routine, and regular basis sent emails containing Christian religious information, quotes and prayers to employees."

Note from Ron: First: Did these people miss school the day they taught that "in the land of the free" we can choose any religious or belief system we like and not be punished, fired, or go to hell for our private beliefs? Second: The tactics of right wing religions in the US grow more like those of the Islamic faith, which they so violently condemn. Third: Can they fired a person for noting being white enough? Fourth: Can they fire a person for not being straight enough?

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