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Crazy Gay Things

With the coming of equal rights, gay acceptance, and an uncensored Internet, we now can see the craziest things as people push the envelope as far as they can. Here are some Internet postings that may shock the most liberal thinkers and would have sent your Victorian grandparents to an early graves.

1. A dating site for "straight men" who want to hook up (sexually) with other "straight men" for sex. Yeah, that's how they are selling it. Click Here.

(At Left: Two regular guys just kissing to celebrate a sports victor instead of the usual ass patting.)

2. A coloring book posted on Huffington Post showing drawings of men (penises included) having partner and orgy sex sessions. Prepare to be shocked, amazed, or horny: Click Here.

3. World's Greatest Athlete Plays Ping-Pong With His Penis? A man who apparently isn't "getting any" or believes that his "tallywhacker" was made for whacking inanimate things. Click Here

4. And the most bizarre (if not gross) for last. Two effeminate guys explain on video the gory details of everything you never, never want to talk about when discussing anal sex in public. Click Here

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We can't say were are fond of "Queer" as a blanket term because it has such a negative connotation. But how do you feel about a new blanket term being created to describe all non-heterosexuals? Vote in this poll and let us know how you feel.

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