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It's Time to Stop Hating the Potato

(We don't usually post health news in this place, but Apollo Network includes information about the "whole man" and has a forum dedicated to health issues. I wanted to share this food information here and point everyone to the forums for discussions on health.)

Thank goodness someone in the medical profession has discovered what men have known about the lowly potato for 8,000 years: Potatoes are good for you except when fried in lard and white with salt.

(Above: You probably won't find a potato like this photo in your local grocery store, but like penises, potatoes are good eats in any shape.)

There is an old saw that all its nutrients are in the skin. Again this is wrong. It's not the potato but what people put on it that is bad for them. Here's a good article which you can skim (the good layman terms are about half way through it.) To read about the potato, Click Here.

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