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Lazy Bear Week in Northern California

The Northern California town of Guerneville hosts thousands of hairy, burly, crazy and lazy revelers with five days of pools, hikes, barbecues, wine tours, shows, dances, feasts, bonfires adding up to an all-around outstanding experience. Profits from the weekend go to local, national and international charities. Lazy Bear is the best way to put "fun" into "fundraising." Cost per bear: $150.

Here are a few dozen of all types of "bears" having fun in the sun. We are not sure what these bears do when the sun goes down, but we can imagine.

To see them, Click Here.

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How many male sexual partners have you had in your life?
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2 or 3
4 or 5
6 or 7
8 or 9
10 to 14
15 to 20
21 to 30
31 to 40
41 to 50
51 to 99
100 or more
Zero. I'm still waiting for my first.

About this Poll

There is a myth that gay men have many sexual partners, This week we would like to know how many men you have had sex with. For this poll, an anonymous BJ in the woods counts as much as a ten year long term relationship. Choose the best answer after adding them up.

Your response is confidential, so answer truthfully.

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