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Taking Gay Pride Back to Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2017

Israeli gays community plans to hold gay pride parade in Jerusalem this year. Traditionally the parade is held in gay friendly Tel Aviv where in 2016 200,000 people participated in the gay pride event.

Although Jerusalem is Israeli's largest city and the capital, it is not without its dangers to gay people. Two years ago a young gay person was killed by a knife wielding religious fanatic.

Right-wing religions people (in every country) remain the most dangerous enemies to gay people. Jerusalem in a regarded as a holy place for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All three of these faith have stoned, hanged, and beheaded people for being born gay. One of those faiths still practices the death penalty on same sex relationship. For more on the Jerusalem event, Click Here.

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Current Poll
By whom have you been discriminated because you are gay or bi?
Work colleagues, boss, or staff
Family members
Friends or acquaintances
Police, fire, or rescue workers
Stores, restuarants, or lodging
Clergy, churches, or religious establishments
School faculty
Complete strangers
I do not think I've been discriminated because of my sexuality.

About this Poll

Like any other minority, being openly gay can be difficult. We would like to know where or by whom you have been discriminated because of your sexuality. We've purposely left out two answers, school bullies and politicians, because most everyone would choose those and we are focusing on adults and people we have direct contact with.

This is a multiple choice poll, so choose all of the answers that apply.

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