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Are Old Men Grumpy or Just No longer Give a Damn?
Recently, I had a fall putting up a clock on the wall, and broke a bone in my foot, but at the time I did not know of the break, only the pain. When I went to the grocery story, there was no way I could do that much walking and was forced to use an electric cart. At first I tried to go when I was less likely to see someone I knew. I wanted a sign that said "This is Temporary." Finally, I remembered that I was 79 years old and no one gave a damn. Why should I?

I had already developed that feeling about being gay. If people can't accept me, they are on the wrong side of history; screw them. To quote Dorothy Parker, "Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common."

When the family gathers for Thanksgiving Dinner, I'm now the oldest one present and spent a lot of time trying hard to put up with youthful bullshit without telling them of the stink. You can't tell much to three groups of people who think or act as if they knew everything: Young people, Preachers, and Politicians. If they think me grumpy, so be it. They should be so lucky to live long enough to recognize bullshit, be as grumpy as they like, and recognized the difference between grumpiness and inconvenient truth.

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Did you have a mentor or someone to help you when you were a young gay man?
Yes, I had an older gay man help me.
Yes, I had an older gay woman help me.
Yes, I had gay sibling who helped me.
Yes, my gay father helped me.
Yes, my gay mother helped me.
Yes, my straight parent(s) was/were supportive.
Yes, I had a straight man who was supportive.
Yes, I had a straight woman who was supportive.
No, I did not have anyone to help me cope with being gay when I was young.

About this Poll

Many gay men did not have any positive gay role models or people to support them when they are growing up. A fellow Apollo Man would like to know if you had an older mentor or someone who was accepting and supporting of you when you were growing up.

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