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How Helpful are Mask Against COVID-19?

What odds are you willing to take against catching a deadly viruus? This is a case where high marks go to those who choose zero. It's all about the mask and the distance. Just do both.

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Has your attire changed these past months during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Yes, I now wear lounge/sweats/fleece most of the day.
Yes, I am dressing mre casually.
Yes, I am dressing up more now.
No, same lounge/swears/fleece most of the time.
No, I still dress casually
No, I still dress up for work or out of habit.

About this Poll

Many people are now staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic and our attire has changed. This week we would like to know you Apollo men have changed your day-to-day dress. Maybe you are working at home at and need to get dressed for virtual meetings. Or if you are retired not much has changed for you. Pick the answer that best describes you.

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