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Men Over 50 in Photos

At one time any gay man older than 30 was considered over the hump. As more gay men came out, it was discovered that there were far more gay over 30 than there were under 30 and that the human brain is not yet fully developed until around the 30 year mark.

When we started Apollo Network in the closing years of the last century, we were the first on line gay site to acknowledge and celebrate gay men over 50, and now we still have a good number of active gay men in their 80s. We also pointed out that gay men are just as diverse as straight men and are not always defined by some younger men's pendence for bars, baths, and buffoonery.

Two photographers, Tommy Wu and Alan Reade, have provided us with a wide range of men, all over fifty and looking fine. For your enjoyment in viewing them, Click Here.

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  • corvetteman
    North Carolina, US

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  • rayro
    West Virginia, US

    Louisiana, US

  • seattledad
    Washington, US

    Ohio, US

  • ferdinand1
    Minnesota, US

    Pennsylvania, US
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