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"I am devastated about my home state, Indiana"

So writes a long time Apollo Man on this site. My response is to add the words flabbergasted. WTF is going on in a conservative, but normally sane state? Why in heaven or hell would there be a need for a "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" in the most religious English speaking country on the planet? The whole reason is unquestionably an anti gay move. This is legalizing homophobia. No? Then look at it this way: Suppose a "religious" business decided it did not "believe" in serving Afro Americans? Could they do so in Indiana? Or suppose a Jewish Deli refused to serve Christians? Or a Muslim restaurant refused to serve Jews? Or the Mormons in Indiana decided to return to polygamy? What would stop them from doing so?

Already a group of pot smokers has formed a "church" that believes in the "sacrament" of smoking marijuana, which is illegal in Indiana. They claim under the RFR Act, they have every right to do so. Will the state now be in a position of deciding which is and which is not a true religion? What will they use as their guide? The Bible? There are over 500 different religious denomination in the US. Will the Indiana lawmakers be able to decide which one is the right one?

Yes, the Third Amendment to the US Constitution says that congress can pass no law "prohibiting the free exercise" of religion, but still all religions must stay within the bounds of the laws of the land with regards to social issues like murder, robbery, child molestation, racism, civil rights of all people regardless of their sex, religion, sexual preference, or whom they wish to marry. The last named is legal in Indiana.

Maybe the uproar against the RFR Act in the Hoosier State and the country over this stupidity will help harebrained politicians see that they cannot follow the now minority teachings of religious extremists.

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