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Congressman going Nuts on Supreme Court Deciding on Gay Marriage

From Huffington Post: "The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next week for and against bans on same-sex marriage, and many are hopeful that it will eventually rule in favor of expanding marriage equality.

So what are social conservatives to do to stop it? According to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), they can block the Supreme Court from considering it at all. King unveiled a bill on Wednesday that would bar federal courts from hearing any cases related to the definition of marriage.

'We could pass this bill before the Supreme Court could even hear the oral arguments, let alone bring a decision down in June,' he said at a press conference. 'That would stop it right then, there would be no decision coming out of the Supreme Court.' "

From Ron: You have to believe this Congressman is just throwing red meat to his fellow homophobes. It sounds more like something Fox News would yammer about than an elected law maker would say Does he really think, even if he could get the bill passed and signed into law by the president, that it could stand up when appealed the Supreme Court? Did the man miss school the day they taught about the three branches of the US Government?

It is ironic that the anti gay conservatives, who have complained about the courts breaking the law, do not hesitate to break the law when it suits their ideology. Again, he has listened to and come to believe the rantings of Fox News, a make believe news network owned and run by a foreign born millionaire man whose only aim to made more millions at any cost, including the truth.

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