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Hurricane Watch for Florida

Right now Hurricane Ian is eating up property in Florida like a monster. I encourage all our friends there and in its path to take recommended cautions. In all of Nature's disasters I remember a stubborn man named Truman who lived near erupting Mount Saint Helens. He refused to followed safety mandates and got buried in thirty feet of mountain dirt. Be safe and let me know about it when it is over. -Ron

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Do you prefer husky guys or slender guys?
I'm attracted to young, slender men
I'm attracted to young, hefty men
I'm attracted to middle-aged, slender men
I'm attracted to middle-aged, hefty men
I'm attracted to senior, slender men.
I'm attracted to senior, hefty men.

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If you were to choose a man, based of only looks, who would it be? Maybe you like young slender men with six-pack abs. Or maybe you like and older man with some "meat on his bones." Take a look at the six options and choose only your top preference.

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