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Granny, I am still Marrying Meghan but Guess What?

"66 percent of Brits would not mind a royal same-sex wedding." Actually, we don't know if the royal prince told Her Majesty this information, but a recent poll showed that the realm of Queen Elizabeth is overwhelmingly supportive of a same sex marriage even among their royal family.

From PinkNews: "The survey of 1,681 people, published on Friday, records the "biggest shift" in public opinion regarding same-sex marriage in the last 40 years, according to Ipsos Mori chief executive Ben Page.

73 percent of respondents said they did not object to same-sex marriage in general, although 8 percent still think it should be banned, and 13 percent disapprove of it but do not wish to ban it.

However, the poll shows that people are more concerned about a same-sex union than other types of marriages, such as marrying someone from a different ethnic background or a divorcee.

Only 6 percent of people would ban or disapprove of interracial marriages, 5 percent would ban or disapprove of marriage between people of different religion, and 4 percent would ban or disapprove of divorcees remarrying."

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As we age, our friends and family members become fewer and fewer. Some of them die quickly from heart attacks or strokes, and some of them suffer months to years of agonizing treatments only to succumb to disease. But sometimes medicine can defeat diseases or at least prolong your life enough to make the brutal hospital stay worth the effort.

This week we would like to know what you would do if you were diagnosed with a life threatening disease at the age of 70 or older. Would you fight it to the end? Would you eschew medicine and enjoy the last days of your life? Or would you do something in between?

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