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Should children be allowed to receive gender affirming care?

2915.7Yes, but only if their parents allow it.
3217.3Yes, and even if the parents disapprove.
2111.4Yes, but only after puberty.
5931.9No, not during childhood. But yes when they are adults.
63.2No, not during childhood or adulthood!
3820.5I don't know.

About this Poll

Transgender rights and gender affirming care has become a issue that some in politics have been using gain support. And most gay men without children don't have to think about "what if my kid is a girl in a boy's body?" and vise-versa.

But for this poll, imagine you are a parent and possibly have a trans child. Would you allow your child to receive gender affirming care? Read through the answers and pick the one that most matches your stance.

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