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Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

Do you think the Supreme Court will undo its 2015 decision on gay marriage?2022-05-05
Have you ever been targeted by a scammer on a dating site or app?2022-04-18
I have stopped wearing a facemask for these reasons:2022-04-05
Do you take naps during the day?2022-03-18
Do chewing, crunching, eating, and other mouth sounds bother you?2022-03-05
What kinks or fetishes do you have?2022-02-18
Have you smoked or do you smoke pot?2022-02-05
When did you first visit the Apollo web site?2022-01-18
What was your relationship status 25 years ago and how has it changed?2022-01-06
What makes Christmas special to you?2021-12-18
The Omicron variant is here, are you wearing a mask?2021-12-05
Have you ever pumped your manhood?2021-11-18
What age man are you most interested in?2021-11-05
How often do you use cash?2021-10-18
Who is or was your most profound male role model?2021-10-05
What nude activities do you partake or have partaken in?2021-09-18
What kind of games do you play on your computer, tablet, or phone?2021-09-05
What is the characteristic or trait that defines you?2021-08-18
Have you ever used crystals, pendants, bracelets, or other objects with healing or protective properties?2021-08-05
What do you do to maintain friendships?2021-07-18
Do you have body aches and pains at your age?2021-07-05
When will you or did you stop wearing a mask in public?2021-06-18
Do you leave the lights on around the home?2021-06-05
Do you using dating or hookup apps on your phone or tablet?2021-05-18
Do you think one can buy happiness?2021-05-05
Are you a news junky?2021-04-18
What did you study or what was your favorite subject in college or school?2021-04-05
On average, do you consume a lot of sugar per day?2021-03-18
How often do you stretch your muscles?2021-03-05
Do you have noticed any memory loss? If so, when?2021-02-18
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