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Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

Do you like to cook?2023-05-05
How old is the oldest piece of clothing you still use?2023-04-17
Do you ever look at bi or straight p0rn?2023-04-05
Do you make phone calls to friends and family anymore?2023-03-18
Do you find feet sexy?2023-03-05
Would you date a guy who has a four-legged pet?2023-02-18
Did you play a team sport in your youth?2023-02-05
Are you yourself or do you act differently on a first date?2023-01-18
Do you have any New Year's resolutions this year?2023-01-05
Do you have a close group of friends you consider to be your gay family?2022-12-18
What is your interest in political news today?2022-12-05
Do you like cold weather?2022-11-18
How has your weight changed throughout your life?2022-11-05
Are you into BDSM?2022-10-18
Are you a Junk Food junky or indulger?2022-10-05
Do you prefer husky guys or slender guys?2022-09-18
At your age, what kind of relationship are you looking for?2022-09-05
Besides COVID-19, have you received a booster or vaccination for another virus in the past five years?2022-08-18
Where do you get most enjoyable entertainment nowadays?2022-08-05
Which of these "old-timey" things do you still use or do?2022-07-18
Have you ever been dumped for someone younger?2022-07-05
Would you date a devoutly religious guy?2022-06-18
Have you had COVID-19 or a recent variant?2022-06-05
Have you ever lost your sex drive?2022-05-18
Do you think the Supreme Court will undo its 2015 decision on gay marriage?2022-05-05
Have you ever been targeted by a scammer on a dating site or app?2022-04-18
I have stopped wearing a facemask for these reasons:2022-04-05
Do you take naps during the day?2022-03-18
Do chewing, crunching, eating, and other mouth sounds bother you?2022-03-05
What kinks or fetishes do you have?2022-02-18
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