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Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

What do you do to maintain friendships?2021-07-18
Do you have body aches and pains at your age?2021-07-05
When will you or did you stop wearing a mask in public?2021-06-18
Do you leave the lights on around the home?2021-06-05
Do you using dating or hookup apps on your phone or tablet?2021-05-18
Do you think one can buy happiness?2021-05-05
Are you a news junky?2021-04-18
What did you study or what was your favorite subject in college or school?2021-04-05
On average, do you consume a lot of sugar per day?2021-03-18
How often do you stretch your muscles?2021-03-05
Do you have noticed any memory loss? If so, when?2021-02-18
When seeking a partner, do you look for someone who is like you?2021-02-05
Will you give up or have you given up alcohol in January?2021-01-18
Have you been doing anything new or different during the Coronavirus Epidemic?2021-01-05
Do you know anyone who has had COVID-19?2020-12-18
Are you getting vaccinated against COVID-19 when it's available.2020-12-05
How will you or how did you spend Thanksgiving this year?2020-11-18
Should we change to Daylight Saving Time every year?2020-11-05
When are you voting in this year's election?2020-10-18
Are you doing a lot of non-work related video chatting these days? On what?2020-10-05
What are some reasons you don't want an LTR?2020-09-18
Do you get a lot of sun?2020-09-05
How is your sex life during the coronavirus pandemic?2020-08-18
Has your attire changed these past months during the Covid-19 pandemic?2020-08-05
Do you know anyone who has lost his marbles recently?2020-07-18
Have you worked or volunteered for a gay rights or advocacy organization?2020-07-05
Are you liberal and progressive?2020-06-18
At what age did you start to feel old?2020-06-05
What will happen on Tuesday night Nov 3rd and Wednesday morning Nov 4th?2020-05-18
Do you have or have you had a life threatening disease or condition?2020-05-05
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