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Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

Do you get a lot of sun?2020-09-05
How is your sex life during the coronavirus pandemic?2020-08-18
Has your attire changed these past months during the Covid-19 pandemic?2020-08-05
Do you know anyone who has lost his marbles recently?2020-07-18
Have you worked or volunteered for a gay rights or advocacy organization?2020-07-05
Are you liberal and progressive?2020-06-18
At what age did you start to feel old?2020-06-05
What will happen on Tuesday night Nov 3rd and Wednesday morning Nov 4th?2020-05-18
Do you have or have you had a life threatening disease or condition?2020-05-05
During isolation, are you gaining or losing weight?2020-04-18
When it comes to food, are you adventurous?2020-04-05
How will you be spending your time during the coronavirus epidemic?2020-03-18
This November, will you fall in line with your political party?2020-03-05
If you had to choose one place to live, where would it be?2020-02-18
Are most of your male friends gay?2020-02-05
What is your guess on the Trump Senate Trial?2020-01-18
Do you contact or write people on dating sites?2020-01-05
Do you have any tattoos and how do you feel about them?2019-12-18
How important is online privacy to you?2019-12-05
How often do you get tested for HIV?2019-11-18
Are you up to date with your immunizations?2019-11-05
Are you handy around the house?2019-10-18
Have you ever attended a sex party?2019-10-05
What do think about drag shows?2019-09-18
What is the longest you've had an active friendship?2019-09-05
Approximately how many pounds of red meat do you eat in a year?2019-08-18
What important people in your life passed away?2019-08-05
Are you too embarrassed to buy these items in a store?2019-07-18
Has anyone threatened to "out" you?2019-07-05
How much Gay History do you know?2019-06-18
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