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Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

Should we change to Daylight Saving Time every year?2020-11-05
When are you voting in this year's election?2020-10-18
Are you doing a lot of non-work related video chatting these days? On what?2020-10-05
What are some reasons you don't want an LTR?2020-09-18
Do you get a lot of sun?2020-09-05
How is your sex life during the coronavirus pandemic?2020-08-18
Has your attire changed these past months during the Covid-19 pandemic?2020-08-05
Do you know anyone who has lost his marbles recently?2020-07-18
Have you worked or volunteered for a gay rights or advocacy organization?2020-07-05
Are you liberal and progressive?2020-06-18
At what age did you start to feel old?2020-06-05
What will happen on Tuesday night Nov 3rd and Wednesday morning Nov 4th?2020-05-18
Do you have or have you had a life threatening disease or condition?2020-05-05
During isolation, are you gaining or losing weight?2020-04-18
When it comes to food, are you adventurous?2020-04-05
How will you be spending your time during the coronavirus epidemic?2020-03-18
This November, will you fall in line with your political party?2020-03-05
If you had to choose one place to live, where would it be?2020-02-18
Are most of your male friends gay?2020-02-05
What is your guess on the Trump Senate Trial?2020-01-18
Do you contact or write people on dating sites?2020-01-05
Do you have any tattoos and how do you feel about them?2019-12-18
How important is online privacy to you?2019-12-05
How often do you get tested for HIV?2019-11-18
Are you up to date with your immunizations?2019-11-05
Are you handy around the house?2019-10-18
Have you ever attended a sex party?2019-10-05
What do think about drag shows?2019-09-18
What is the longest you've had an active friendship?2019-09-05
Approximately how many pounds of red meat do you eat in a year?2019-08-18
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