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Previous Polls
Here is the list of past polls on Apollo Network. Please note that these polls are not scientific and are often flawed.

Have you ever dumped someone because he was too old?2019-01-18
Which of these personal qualities do you look for in a man?2019-01-04
Did you use Tumblr for porn?2018-12-19
When did you know you had found the one guy for you?2018-12-05
What kind of relationship are you looking for?2018-11-18
How would you compare your life today with your life twenty years ago?2018-11-05
Will you be voting in this midterm election?2018-10-18
Have you ever been sexually abused or raped? What did you do about it?2018-10-05
How often do you visit the doctor for a checkup?2018-09-18
Have you ever been "ghosted" by someone?2018-09-05
How many male sexual partners have you had in your life?2018-08-18
Are you sentimental or nostalgic?2018-08-05
Have you noticed any of these changes in health over the past years?2018-07-18
Are your friends your age, older, or are they younger?2018-07-05
Have you considered or tried Polyamory?2018-06-18
Do you agree with the SCOTUS's ruling on Masterpiece Cakeshop vs Colorado Civil Rights Commission?2018-06-05
What body type would you like to have?2018-05-18
Have you quit Facebook yet?2018-04-30
You are over 70 years old. What would you do if you do if you got a life threatening disease?2018-04-18
Are you in the closet or are you out of it?2018-04-05
Do you easily forgive people for their wrong doings or do you hold a grudge?2018-03-18
What will happen to your estate after your death?2018-03-05
Have you ever tried reconnecting with old friends?2018-02-18
How often do you go visit a gay bar?2018-02-05
What type of people do you prefer spending time with?2018-01-18
How well did you follow through with last year's resolution?2018-01-05
Do you get depressed during the holidays?2017-12-18
Have you ever tried to seduce a sexy cop when you were stopped for a traffic violation?2017-12-05
As you get older, do you want to live in a warmer climate?2017-11-18
Have you ever been hit on, groped, or had sexual advances made at work?2017-11-05
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