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Would you date a guy who has a four-legged pet?

9747.8Absolutely, pets are great!
2512.3Yes, but only if it's a dog.
63.0Yes, but only if it's a cat.
4220.7Yes, but only if it's well behaved and clean.
94.4Yes, because I have a pet.
21.0No, I don't like indoor animals.
73.4No, I have allergies.
00.0No, I don't like cats and dogs.
42.0No, pets are messy and stinky.
21.0No, pets take up too much time and money.
63.0No, for some or all of the above.
31.5No, for some other reason.

About this Poll

Sometimes I think it would be fun have a puppy running around the house and to take for walks. But other times, I think about the mess they make, the smell in the house, the time they take, and the expensive of the it all. I have heard that going out for walks with your dog is a great way to meet other guys.

For this week's poll, we would like to know if you would (hypothetically) date a guy who has a cat or dog in his home. Would that be a deal breaker for you or not? Read through the list of answers and choose the one that best describes your stance.

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