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What age man are you most interested in?

6031.1Seniors who are around my own age.
7739.9Seniors who are older than I.
168.3Seniors who are younger than I.
73.6Middle-aged men around my own age.
84.1Middle-aged men older than I.
178.8Middle-aged men younger than I.
00.0Young men who are around my own age.
84.1Young men who are younger than I.

About this Poll

When Apollo was started, the goal was not only for a place for older men to meet online and enjoy themselves.  It was also a place for younger men, who like older men to make contact with them.  It's now more than 27 years later and we would like to know if things have changed.  Maybe you were a young man when you discovered Apollo, and now you are middle-aged.  Or perhaps you are now a senior, but discovered Apollo when in your 40s.

Read through the list of answers and choose the one that best describes you.

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