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What is your interest in political news today?

6737.2I keep up with it because it's important and it fascinates me.
5329.4I keep informed only to know what's going on in politics.
3217.8I only keep up with the major political topics, not the drama.
42.2I'm apathetic towards politics.
1910.6I'm sick of politics now and tune it out of my life.
52.8I've never had an interest in politics.

About this Poll

Unlike a few decades ago, we live in an era where information can travel across the world in seconds. Politicians around the world are now using social media platforms to get their messages out. Some of that information is unfiltered and damaging. This week we would like to know whether you keep up with politics today. If so, how "into it" are you?

Read through the answers and choose the one that best describes you.

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