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Do you like cold weather?

5122.7Yes, it's great.
5022.2Yes, but not for extended periods.
4821.3Yes, it's fine as long as I'm warm indoors.
52.2No, I head to warmer climes for winter.
3214.2No, I've moved to a temperate area to avoid the cold.
3415.1No, not for me!
52.2I don't know. I've always lived in a warm place.

About this Poll

Fall has come and it seems like cold winter winds have arrived a bit early here in the U.S. Right now some of us are dreaming of the tropics, but are there people out there that love the cold weather? Maybe you are one of them. Perhaps you are a "Polar Bear" type who plunges into icy waters for fun.

Take a minute to read all of the answers and pick the pone that best describes you.

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