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Which of these "old-timey" things do you still use or do?

15119.6Use a desktop computer
10713.9Use a land line
719.2Go to the public library
415.3Write letters by hand and "snail mail" them
10914.2Write checks
212.7Go to bars to meet people
648.3Wear dress clothes
11014.3Wear a watch
293.8Shop at only brick-and-mortar stores, and not online
567.3Some other "old-timey" thing
111.4I have fully embraced the future and eschew the old fashioned ways

About this Poll

It seems that the world is changing faster than it ever has. Some people embrace new technology, fashions, and habits. While others stick to the old ways of doing things. I personally know people who have refused to get a computer and email address, and now I hear young people saying desktops and email are for old people.

For this poll, choose all of the "Old-Timey" things you still use or do. If you do something that isn't listed, select the "some other" option in addition to the ones in the list. If you have embraced the future, choose only the last option.

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