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When did you first visit the Apollo web site?

2912.825 years ago, since the begining
9341.0Around 20 to 24 years ago
4118.1Around 15 to 19 years ago
3716.3Around 10 to 14 years ago
104.4Around six to nine years ago
10.4Around five years ago
10.4Around four years ago
00.0Around three years ago
31.3Around two years ago
10.4Around one year ago
114.8Less than a year ago

About this Poll

This week we have a new question to continue our 25th Anniversary theme. Let us know how many years you made your first visit to Apollo Network. If you have trouble remembering, tap on the My Account tab at the top of the screen. Look on that page for the Member Since date. You have been visiting Apollo at least that long.

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