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What was your relationship status 25 years ago and how has it changed?

3513.9Married to a woman and still am
2811.2Married to a woman and divorced
228.8Single and now looking for an LTR
208.0Single, but have found love
3714.7Single, and plan to remain single
3413.5Partnered in an LTR with the love of my life and still am
62.4Partnered in an LTR, but found someone new
52.0Partnered in an LTR, but seperated
6124.3Partnered with my love, but has passed away
31.2I wasn't born yet or too young to be in a relationship

About this Poll

The world changed immensely in the past 25 years, and so have our bodies, our lives, and our relationships. And relationships often come and go, sometimes through disputes, and sadly sometimes they end when our loved ones die.

For this poll we would like to know what your relationship status was 25 years ago. Read through all of the answers and choose the answer that best describes you.

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