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What do you do to maintain friendships?

11323.5Call friends via phone or online chat.
9018.7Write friend via email or text.
7215.0Invite friends out to eat.
255.2Host parties for friends
5010.4Have outings or get-togethers with friends.
6513.5I provide emotional support.
132.7I provide financial support.
204.2Do something else for them.
40.8Not too much, I let them take care of the work.
296.0I have too few friends at the moment.

About this Poll

Friends come and and friends go, but have you ever thought about why? We have to do things with friends, do things for friends, and friends have to be around and help each other out. Good things are worth it the effort, and sometimes it seems like maintaining certain friendships is a chore.

This week we have made a list of things people do for friends. This is a multiple choice poll, so choose all of the things you do maintain your friendships. The last to options are for those don't do much to keep friend, or are currently without friends.

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