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Have you been doing anything new or different during the Coronavirus Epidemic?

93.9Learning a new language
177.4Taking up a craft or hobby
125.2Spending time or reconnecting with friends and family
83.5Volunteering or helping others
156.6Working more
2310.0Something else
8537.1Not much has changed for me

About this Poll

Most have us have isolated ourselves during the pandemic, and that had led to a change of how we spend our time. This week we would like to know if you have been doing something productive with your new found time. Perhaps you signed up to Duo Lingo and are learning a new language. Or maybe you have decided to read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for years.

This is a multiple choice poll, so choose all of the options that apply. And if you haven't been doing much different, choose the last option.

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