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Poll Results
Approximately how many pounds of red meat do you eat in a year?

105.41 or less
126.53 to 4lbs
158.15 to 7lbs
2815.18 to 10lbs
179.111 to 15lbs
115.916 to 20lbs
2412.920 to 25lbs
3217.226 to 50lbs
189.7More than 50lbs

About this Poll

This week we would like to know around how many pounds of red meat you eat in a year. Unless you don't eat any, estimating will take a little time. Think about the ground beef, steaks, and other red meat you buy at the grocery store. Then approximate how much you eat at restaurants and fast food. Finally think about those times you ate at cook-outs, dinner parties, and other events.

For those in the metric world, a pound is a little less than half a kilogram (454 grams.)

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