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Poll Results
Have you ever fibbed about your age in an online profile?

238.2Yes, I subtracted a few years to lure more guys
227.9Yes, I have a youthful look so I made myself younger
20.7Yes, I made myself older to lure more guys
00.0Yes, I look older so I added a few years to my age
23283.2No, I'm honest about my age

About this Poll

We all have our age preferences, and as we grow older we start to think we are not as cute as we used to be. The solution is east, we fill out our online profiles to shave a few years off. Some men will do the opposite: add a few years to not seem so boyish.

This week we would like to know if you have ever fibbed about your age in an online dating site. Your answer to this poll is confidential. We will only tally the results. So there is no reason not to answer truthfully.

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