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Poll Results
Are you sentimental or nostalgic?

4622.1Yes, I miss the good old days. I need a time machine.
6330.3Yes, I like to look back, but we've made a lot of progress.
8641.3I miss a few things about the past, but not much.
136.2I only look forward, never back.
00.0I'm too young to even think about the past!

About this Poll

We all look back in the past and think about the way things used to be. Sometimes the past brings back happy memories, and other times it brings painful ones. This week we would like to know whether or not you pine for the olden days, look only at the future, or somewhere in between.

Most of us certainly like the social progress we have made. We've also made technological progress, for better and worse. Many of us have lost important people in our lives. Think about all of those things and choose the answer that best fits you.

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