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Poll Results
Have you noticed any of these changes in health over the past years?

10320.6My eyesight has gotten worse
8216.4My hearing has gotten worse
11523.0I have more aches and pains than before
6312.6My legs are getting wobblier
6913.8My back is giving me problems
00.0Everything is fine, but I'm under 40 years old
81.6Everything is fine, and I'm over 40
438.6Everything is fine, and I'm over 60
173.4Everything still works well, and I'm over 80 years old

About this Poll

Our bodies start deteriorating as we get older. With a good diet, exercise, and care for our bodies, you can slow your body's decline. This week we would like to know if you have noticed some signs of aging yet? Maybe how have taken great care of yourself and are as spry as you were twenty or thirty years ago.

Of course there are many more ways your body can go downhill, but for this poll we have focused on things that affect our mobility and our important senses. Choose the answer or answers that best describe you.

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