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General Account and Settings Frequently Asked Questions

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General Account and Settings Frequently Asked Questions   -   Posted on: May 15, 2013 09:25:48
General Questions and Problems
Q: What is the difference between an account and a profile?
A: An account in Apollo allows you access to all of the sections on the site.  A profile on Apollo is the publicly visible information about you.  They are not the same.

Q: How do I close my account?
A: Click on the My Account & Settings tab and then on the [b]Remove My Account[b] button on that page.  Carefully follow the instructions.

Q: Can I change my user name or member ID?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to give my real name for my account?
A: No, but it would be better to have it.

Q: Does Apollo Network share your account and profile information with others?
A: No, Apollo Network has not and will not share information about its members with companies or individuals.

Q: Why can I only send a few new messages a day on Apollo?
A: This is to prevent people from spamming our users.  There should be no need to send more than seven messages a day.  This limit only applies to new messages, not to a replies or an ongoing conversation.

You can send more messages by becoming a Star Member.  It is very inexpensive and you will get lots of great features.  Click here to do so: Star Membership

Registration Problems
Q:  I never received an e-mail to complete the registration of my new account.  How do I get it?
A:  It is possible that you typed in your e-mail address incorrectly when you filled out the registration form.  Also, make sure that you are accepting emails from apollonetwork.com.  Try again after 24 hours.

Q:  It says that my email address is already in use and not to create another account.
A:  You are getting this message for either of these two reasons:

  • You did not complete your account registration by verifying your email address.  Check your email to see if you received a message to complete your account registration.
  • You already have an account on Apollo and are trying to create another one using the same email address.  You can retrieve your user name (member ID) and password by using this link.  Please read the instructions carefully.  Forget your username and password?

Login Problems
Q:  How can I log into my account?  I know I am typing in the correct password and it will not let me in.
A:  Make sure that your caps lock key is not on.  Passwords are case sensitive.  You might not be using your correct username/member ID.  Follow this link to retrieve the correct one:  Forget your username and password?

Q:  My account is locked.  How can I unlock it and log in?
A:  It is not possible to unlock an account.  Please create a new account using a different email address.  Read and follow the rules of the site to ensure that your new account is not locked.

Q: I log into Apollo, but when I click on a tab it says I need to log in.
A:  The answer is simple.  You did not log in.  You got to Apollo by using an old bookmark or a random page you got from Google.  You need to log in from Apollo's Log In Page: https://www.apollonetwork.com/

You should also bookmark this page so you can log in easily.  Follow these instructions: How to Bookmark Apollo

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