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What is an Apollo Man? Apollo Man, as opposed to men of other life styles, is impossible to define in one word. He is first and foremost a man who likes manly men. He is success oriented. He does not waste time on trendy living. Bars are not his weakness. He is more likely to program computers than arrange flowers. He would not be caught dead in drag, but many Apollo Men (including me) are or have been married.  Bottom line: He likes other masculine men: the company of other men, the merriment of other men, the jokes of other men, the work of other men, even the smell of other men, and, of course, the bed of other men.   Apollo Man does not mind breaking with the traditions of the group that society has cast him in.  He delights in breaking the rules -even those in his own group.  He is, first, last, and always, his own man.  But he is also a man who wants and realizes the advantages of bonding with another man who shares his dreams.

Apollo Man enjoys most the company of men who have honor and respect for the natural process of growing old.  He knows that only in growing old is there growth of maturity and inner beauty in himself.  This alone sets him apart from both heterosexual and homosexual society which worship youth and fear old age.

The process that gave us life also slowly takes it back, and it is done so in an orderly and reasonable fashion.  Those men who appreciate and flow with the work of nature are naturally inclined to love men of all ages and appreciate men for whatever life stage (age) they are in.  Apollo Men do not fear or despise growing old.   Rather they honor age as a sign of distinction.   Consequently, Apollo Men are often attracted to each other across the traditional age barriers.  Older men and younger men join in union, each helping and supplying the other with the gifts that each uniquely holds.

The name Apollo we chose for it is the name of the sun, the star of our solar system, the supreme male symbol, and the giver of life for us all.  We came from the sun and one day the sun will reach out and pull us back into its massive body.

Types of Apollo Men For the sake of understanding the passages of our lives, we break Apollo Men into four age categories:

ORION: Ages 18 to 29: We call them Orion because of that beautiful nebula in the Constellation of Orion, the Hunter, where they tell us Stars are being born.   A male begins his birth into manhood in his late teens and it continues in his 20's.

MERCURY: Ages 30-39: This is the Planet that moves faster than all others as it races around the sun reminding us of men who are "thirty something" running fast to make up for time lost in earlier years.

MARS: Ages 40-49: The Planet named after the god of war reminds us of a man in his middle years.   He has perfected his skills.   He is manly, assertive, and a true warrior.

JUPITER: Ages 50 plus.   In this stage a man begins to slow down, not because he is worn out, but because he has reached his peak.   He does not have to compete with younger men.  He's the biggest planet of all, because he is older and wiser.   He is a god among men.

GOLDEN JUPITER Ages 70 and above: At the request of many users, we added this category in June of 2002.  Some men felt pride about their age and they wanted to identify themselves as such.  Of course, this is still in the mature category of Jupiter, and those over 70 who wish to continue calling themselves Jupiters without the Golden are free to do so.  We do encourage men to be truthful about their age.  Age-wise, you are as old as you have years; Life-wise, you can be young of spirit all your days.

Too many gay men in the world today all try to act like Orions even when their bodies have long passed the youthful passions of lust and lewd behavior.   An Apollo Man recognizes the stages of his life and celebrates them.  To do so is to gain wisdom.  To do otherwise is an act of folly.

Who is an Apollo Man? If what is said above describes how you feel about life and men, then YOU are an Apollo Man.  Come join us as we explore ourselves on the Men of Apollo Network.


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