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US Marriage Protection Bill Pass in Congress
Posted by Ron
Friday, December 9th 2022 @ 08:58:02 AM EST

NBCNEWS WASHINGTON: The House passed legislation Thursday that would enshrine federal protections for marriages of same-sex and interracial couples. The vote of 258-169 sends the Respect for Marriage Act to President Joe Biden, who is expected to sign it into law. The Senate passed the bill last week by a vote of 61-36. (Above Photo: Gay demonstration for marriage rights at US Supreme Court.)

Democrats were unified in favor of the bill, while most Republicans in both chambers voted against it. Thirty-nine House Republicans supported the legislation Thursday, and one voted present.

RON: This Bill would protect current gay marriages, so if you are thinking of getting married, do so. This act of the US Congress came about because of the current reactionary US Supreme Court has hinted it may reverse its 2014 decision legalizing same sex marriage.

One wonders if this court might even reverse the 1954 Brown decision that outlawed racial segregation. If it came to a vote, would Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, a man of color and completely MAGAtized, vote against his own race? As the bard said, "Man is a giddy thing."

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