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Favorite Works of Art
Posted by Ron
Wednesday, November 2nd 2022 @ 05:24:37 PM EST

I first saw the above painting "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo while sitting in a dentist office reading a magazine. I was about eleven and knocking on the door of puberty. The painting astonished me. I had never seen a picture or painting of a nude male. I could not take my eyes off the painting, and I was not looking at God but at Adam from head to toe and everything between. It was an exciting sexual and cultural epiphany for me. A painter in Italy dead nearly 500 years reached out with his art and started my young life on a new path.

(Photos of the painting are not good, neither is seeing it in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel as it on the ceiling 133 feet about the floor.)

If you have a favorite work of art, painting, literature, music etc., please post it in the Forum article entitled: Favorite Works of Art. -Ron

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