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Pushing Tennessee Drag Show Inside
Posted by Ron
Saturday, October 15th 2022 @ 07:43:02 AM EST

After weeks of criticism, online threats from far-right groups and a legal complaint, the Jackson Pride Committee and the city of Jackson, Tennessee, reached a compromise with state Republican representatives and community members who had complained about the pride festival's drag show.*

The annual pride festival was supposed to be held in the city's public Conger Park, as it was in 2019 and 2021, but now it will be held indoors at the nearby Civic Center. (To read the full article, Click Here

*Ron: Two Points: 1. For years Women-less Weddings (males dressed up as brides and bride maids) have been popular in both civic and religious organizations. Why now the push back? Straights can do it but not gays?

2. When the anti gay people at every sports event in the National Anthem sing the words: "...land of the free," do they really mean it? Or is freedom of artistic expression just for white straights?

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