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First Homosexual Movement
Posted by Ron
Friday, October 7th 2022 @ 10:18:31 AM EST

From Wikipedia: The first homosexual movement thrived in Germany from the late nineteenth century until 1933. The movement began in Germany because of a confluence of factors, including the criminalization of sex between men (Paragraph 175) and the country's relatively lax censorship. (Above Photo: Memorial to the First Homosexual Emancipation Movement in Berlin-Moabit, unveiled in 2017)

German writers in the mid-nineteenth century coined the word homosexual and criticized its criminalization. In 1897, Magnus Hirschfeld founded the world's first homosexual organization, the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, whose aim was to use science to improve public tolerance of homosexuality and repeal Paragraph 175. During the German Empire, the movement was restricted to an educated elite, but it greatly expanded in the aftermath of World War I and the German Revolution. (To read the full article, Click Here.)

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