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The Church of Scotland Allows Gay Marriage
Posted by Ron
Wednesday, June 1st 2022 @ 04:49:41 PM EST

The Church of Scotland ministers are now permitted to perform same-sex marriages if they choose. The church's General Assembly has approved an overture that allows parish ministers and deacons to apply for authorization to marry same-sex couples. It passed on in May by a 274-136 vote.

The [Scottish] Presbyterian denomination is preparing new suggested liturgy to bless same-sex marriages as well as guidance for the change in church law.

Those in favor of same-sex marriage have celebrated the move as welcoming, but others in the church fear that even though they would not be forced to participate, the move puts pastors who oppose same-sex marriage in a more difficult position.

"When asked, 'Can you marry us?, the answer will have to be, 'No, because I choose not to,' rather than, 'No, that's something that I cannot do,'" said Ben Thorpe, a minister in Glasgow, "and that creates pastoral difficulties as well for everyone on both sides of the debate." (For the computer article Click Here.

Ron: Meanwhile back on the USA Ranch, churches are breaking up with bittern battles over all things gay. For example, in Florida saying the word gay is forbidden in schools and frowned on in public. This present absurdity is reminiscent of the times when churches promoted the "missionary position" in sex as having intercourse standing up was somehow frowned on by their gods.

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