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HRC Gives Half U.S. States Poorly Support LGBQT People
Posted by Ron
Saturday, January 30th 2021 @ 10:48:26 AM EST

Half of U.S. states lack basic protections for LGBTQ people, according to a report released Wednesday by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBTQ advocacy group,

The campaign's State Equality Index, an annual ranking of laws and policies, found that 25 states lack inclusive anti-discrimination statutes and are considered at a "high priority to achieve basic equality," the lowest of the report's four categories.

"These states are most likely to have religious refusal or other anti-LGBTQ laws," the report said. "Advocates often further LGBTQ equality by focusing on municipal protections for LGBTQ people or opposing negative legislation that targets the LGBTQ community."

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