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Rabbis Say No to Jerusalem Christmas Trees
Posted by Ron
Monday, December 28th 2020 @ 09:55:07 AM EST

At the Wailing in Jerusalem

From The Irish Times: Whereas most people in countries where Christianity is the dominate faith do not take seriously the so called "war on Christmas," in Islamic countries and the State of Israel, Christmas is a different matter. Their countries' religions are not predominately Christian, and their religious books and laws are understandably preferential of their historical faith.

A letter signed by two chief rabbis of Jerusalem made public this year saying,

"As the secular year ends we want to remind you that erecting a Christmas tree in a hotel contravenes Halacha [Jewish law] and that therefore it is clear that one should not erect a tree in a hotel. It is also appropriate to avoid hosting parties to mark the end of the secular year."*

The push back came not so much from Christians in Israel as from hotel owners who felt the lack of Christmas decorations would hurt their business. Ah yes, Christmas, even in Jerusalem just seven miles from Bethlehem, is more about business than piety.

*The Jewish New Year was celebrated September 18-20 in 2020.

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