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US Supreme Court Decides in Favor of Transgender Students
Posted by Ron
Monday, December 14th 2020 @ 09:34:50 AM EST

The Supreme Court declined last Monday to take up an appeal from Oregon parents who want transgender students in their school district to use locker rooms and bathrooms based on their sex assigned at birth. (Above Pix: Gays demonstrating at the US Supreme Court.)

The decision lets stand a federal appeals court ruling that upheld the district's policy of permitting trans students to use facilities that align with their gender identity.

All this started a few years ago when the North Carolina State Legislatures and others got interested in peeking in the pants of students to make sure they had the the right stuff down there to use or not use a male or female facility for peeing in a school bathroom.

The case worked its way up to the Supreme Court with lower courts all approving students to pee in the commodes where they felt sexually comfortable. By refusing to hear the case, the lower case favoring transgender students became "the law of land."

And for the record, this is the court with three conservative judges appointed by the current lame duck president.

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