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Ain't No Bears Out Tonight
Posted by Ron
Friday, November 13th 2020 @ 10:12:00 AM EST

Does anyone remember as a child playing the game "Ain't no bears our tonight?" Rules: Someone is designate "it" and goes and hides somewhere outside the house. The rest of the group locks arms and go around the house singing the above words.

Of course, everyone knows there is a bear waiting, and the first one tagged is "it" and becomes the bear for the next round.

The game has been revived for adults in our time only it is called "Ain't no virus out to kill." Even with a quarter of a million Americans dead of Covid-19, people keep playing the game, and as in the child's game someone always gets caught, not someone but rather a lot.

I just heard that ship cruises are booking and sailing. Even before the pandemic cruises were a petri dish of diseases waiting to jump on passengers.

There is scientific evidence that in every place that had a rally of soon-to-be ex-president, new cases of the virus broke out. We know this is true because his staff members also caught virus.

No one ever got hurt in the child's game, but people get sick, suffer in hospitals, and die.

Stay inside as much as possible. There is a predator disease waiting to pounce on you when you let down your guard. Don't let that bear get you.

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