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Columbus Day Slowing Losing to Native Americans?
Posted by Ron
Monday, October 12th 2020 @ 03:55:29 PM EST

In the US today is Columbus Day, and much of the government, banks, the Post Office, and other institutions who choose to do so celebrate the holiday, but the character of Christopher Columbus has been besmirched in recent years (he never put foot on what was to become US soil, and his racism was cruel), and a growing number of states are calling for taking the day away from the man of 1492 and giving it to the Native Americans (commonly and incorrectly called Indians) who have been in the Americas for 13,000 year, which was long before the pyramids were built and ten thousand year before Abraham left Ur and headed west to become father of the Hebrews..

(Above: Crazy Horse model and carving on South Dakota Mountain. When completed it will be the world's largest carving, higher than the Washington Monument.)

Here are the Six States now eschewing Columbus Day and calling it Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, and only one of the thirteen original colonies, Virginia.

Here are the states honoring the Indigenous People by thought and proclamation: Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina as well as Washington DC (not a state).

Alabama and Oklahoma are on the fence and honor both the Italian and the Indians.

NOTE: Look how many of the above States have names from Indian tribes. Almost half of all US States have Indian names.

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