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Walmart Does an Amusing Gay Ad
Posted by: Ron @ Saturday, March 2nd 2019 @ 08:19:17 AM EST

Even the largest store in the world has acknowledged that there are ordinary gay people who go shopping for mundane necessities of life like soap, pots, and pans. And they have made an ad of two young gay men on a blind date shopping in their supermarket.

Naturally, the hate groups are raising hell with Walmart. All hate groups have a common two purpose agenda, namely trying to make their victims invisible while gettng millions from their supporters. They think if we don't see gay people, then they don't exits. That tactic no longer works in the 21st Century with gay people. Walmart, like Disney World before them, is big enough and has enough gay customers to tell hate groups that they are not listening.

To see this Walmart Gay Ad, go to the Rawstory's website and scroll down by clicking on Love is in the Aisles.

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