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Same Sex Street Lights in Capital of Australia
Posted by: Ron @ Monday, November 26th 2018 @ 07:28:25 AM EST

Okay, it is official Canberra, Australia is not only the capital of Australia, it may also lay claim to the being the gayest Capital City in the world. The city fathers there actively strive to make their city accepting of diversity and as gay friendly as possible. They even have gay walk lights for both males and females (see left) being installed. I wonder if those holding on to their homophobic views will refuse to walk when the green walk light shows two guys holding hands.

For those needing a refresher in geography, Canberra (pronounced CAN bra) is located about 125 miles SW of Sydney, and is the only major Australian city not located on the coast. Its population is around 450,000.

While the Australians politicians have been dragging their feet on same sex marriage, the majority of the Australians favor it, and now gay people can get married in approving churches. (See Article in Forums Below)

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