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Male Rape in the US Military! WTF?

There must be something in the male psyche that condones rape. We have known about women's suffering in the US military, but now reports are coming out that males are being sexually abused to the count of 39 a day, more often they are straight victims. 39 a day times a day adds up to a yearly total of about 14,000 rapes among our male troops. It turns out that 53% of all military rapes involve male on male sex, and the Pentagon is apparently helpless to end it.

One soldier reported that when his officer demanded he take off his clothes and yield to the man's pleasure, he had no choice. His abuser was an officer, and all his superiors would take the officer's side over the enlistee's complaint. And this has proved true time after time with both men and women victims.

A married veteran has come out revealing his repeated sexual abuse from a superior. On one occasion he was drugged to the point of incapacitation and sexually assaulted by a fellow marine, a former staff sergeant, while on active duty. "I was humiliated at the thought of my helplessness," he said.

All attempts at justice failed as he was required to go through the chain of command, one of whom was his rapist. His story is not a happy one as he can find no help from the Pentagon, Congress, or the justice system. For his full story, Click Here.

And for justice sake, write or email you congressman and ask what he is doing to stop it. (Below in Forums see letter from US Senator Mark Warner on sexual abuse in the military)

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