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Vatican Meeting Continues to Turn Its Back on Accepting Gays

While the clergy leaders of the Roman Catholic Church met this week in the Vatican to discuss if gay people should be treated like people (a decision on which they could not quite make up their minds), a new Pew Poll show some astonishing, you might say miraculous, views of younger US Catholics.

The poll revealed that of the US Catholics under thirty year of age 85% of them were accepting of gay people, and 80% of them were accepting of gays' rights to marriage. You just have to wonder what those old men in Rome are thinking about when they continue to hold on to traditionally, backward, and flat earth thinking. If they are concerned about their church, they should be looking at the future of their congregants. Ironically, the countries that have the largest Catholic population are moving to legalizing same sex marriage faster than traditional Protestant countries, with Spain having led the way.

Some have argued that since the end of the Age of Religion, secular governments have set the moral standard for society. Moreover, organized religions of all strips, have sought to push outdated agendas such as slavery in the 19th Century, segregation, in the 20th Century, and gays in all centuries.

If Christian leaders, of any faith, want to have future worshipers in their pews, they had best start showing some religious charity toward all people and get into the realities of current life.

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