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Same Sex Marriage in US States Increasing

When gay marriage was legalized by court order, the Arizona governor huffed her disapproval for the benefit of her supporters, but she was too political savvy not to see the writing on the wall. Alaska, the last frontier, will soon witness gun tooting gays at the altars, probably fresh from hunting something. Wyoming, where the state license plate has a cowboy taming a wild horse, will be issuing licenses to gay couples wearing cowboy boots. In Idaho, where Mormons are chockablock, young missionaries who call themselves "Elders" will bike to the court houses for the marriage licenses, although the their church may revoke their Elder titles. The good news for those youths is that they will no longer have to wear the Mormon "magic underwear."

Earlier in this century, I predicted on this website, that gay marriage would be a fete accompli by 2020. I was off by a good five years. As the Shakespeare would say, "O, Brave New World."

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