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No Gay Marriage this Morning in Virginia

Gay couple around the Old Dominion were planing to line up this morning to get their wedding licenses until yesterday afternoon when the US Supreme Court agreed to delay an appeal court's ruling striking down Virginia's gay marriage ban.

In the Virginia case, an additional compelling issue happened when the lower court ruled that not only must Virginia begin allowing gay couples to marry but that marriages of Virginians who were united in other states must be fully recognized in Virginia with all benefits attached.

For want a better term, I call this the "back door" way to legalizing same sex marriage. If a state has to recognize same sex marriages where they are legal, then Virginians could cross over into Maryland or Washington, DC, and get married. The thing is that there is a lot of money to be made in marriages, and loss of these revenues would end laws against same sex marriage. In our capitalistic society, people may talk about their "moral values, "but real change has always been and forever will be the power of money.

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