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Do you have noticed any memory loss? If so, when?

21.0No, not yet, but I'm under 40 years old
42.0No, not yet. I'm in my 40s.
178.6No, not yet. I'm in my 50s.
84.0No, not yet. I'm in my 60s.
3316.7No, not yet. I'm in my 70s.
126.1No, not yet. I'm 80 or more years old.
10.5When I was less than 40.
21.0In my 40s.
189.1In my 50s.
4120.7In my 60s.
3819.2In my 70s.
178.6In my 80s or later.
52.5I can't remember when I noticed my memory loss.

About this Poll

Scientists have said that the brain peaks out sometime when we are in our 30s, and it is all downhill from there. This week we were wondering if you have noticed any memory loss, and if so, when did you notice it?

It might be hard to pinpoint the moment when you first noticed a significant lapse of memory. Choose the answer that best fits you.

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