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Poll Results
Have you ever dumped someone because he was too old?

13854.8No, the older the better
145.6No, but I was dumped because I grew too old
72.8No, but I've thought about it
8533.7No, not that I'm aware of
00.0Yes, I traded up for a newer model
83.2Yes, I've dumped and been dumped for being too old

About this Poll

An fellow Apollo Man wrote to say he's reached the age where guys are no longer looking at him because of his looks. He's also finding it hard to find a relationship online and has thought about shaving a few years off his age and using a more youthful photo of himself on his online profile.

This week we ask whether or not you have been dumped by a lover because you got too old for him. Or perhaps you did the dumping because you want to be with a younger guy. Or maybe both. Choose the answer that best describes you. And be honest; poll answers are confidential.

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