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Poll Results
What body type would you like to have?

2710.2A slender swimmer's build
9033.8A well toned body
83.0A body builder's physique
217.9A thick "bull" type body
2810.5A stocky bod
124.5A well-padded chub body
31.1A super chub body
7728.9The average Joe body

About this Poll

We start to define ourselves when we are young. Role models influence the type of person we want to become, not only by occupation, demeanor, but also our physique. Perhaps you modeled your body after a bear. Or maybe you exercise a lot to attract men who are into well toned guys. Some people don't mind being chubs; they are called gainers.

Regardless of your motivation, let us know what type of physique you like for yourself. If you don't have any preference, choose the the average Joe option.

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