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Hate Crime: Gay Life Guard Tower Burned Down
Posted by Ron
Tuesday, March 30th 2021 @ 11:25:44 AM EST

NBC NEWS: Fire officials in Long Beach, California, are investigating a fire early Tuesday that destroyed a lifeguard tower painted rainbow colors to celebrate LGBTQ Pride.

The tower, on the beach bike path between 12th and 13th Places, was already "fully engulfed" in flames by the time firefighters arrived shortly around midnight, according to Gonzolo Medina, Long Beach Fire Department's marine safety chief.

"The tower served as a symbol of our strong support for the diversity within our ranks and the LGBTQ community who call Long Beach home," Medina said in a statement, adding that the tower will be rebuilt and repainted.

First painted in June by LGBTQ lifeguards to honor Pride month, the tower had become one of the most popular spots on the beach, according to Mayor Robert Garcia. (Read the entire article Clicking Here.)

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