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Any Gay Ancestors?
Posted by Ron
Wednesday, December 11th 2019 @ 07:05:54 AM EST

In searching for ancestors, I've found Family Search is a great website, and it is free. It is operated by the LDS Church, the Mormons that, while they hate that some people are gay and going to hell, they have decided to add same-sex married couples to their data base.

This acceptance of the fact that same-sex marriages do occur will not change the church's stand against those marriages, nor will they allow gay couples to marry in the church. Other religious rite will be allowed to those gay Mormon who die in the faith. They can be buried with religious rites. Apparently, at this point LDS thinking is that the only good gay Mormons are dead ones.

In the mean time, if your are searching for records of your ancestors, gay or straight, try Family Search by Clicking Here.

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