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Gay Reparation's Time Has Come
Posted by: Ron @ Friday, November 1st 2019 @ 06:32:43 AM EST

What are modern countries doing to make up for mistreating their gay citizens in the past? While it is unlikely under the current USA political system will make moves in this direction, other countries, Spain being in the forefront, are trying to make restitution for past homophobic errors. For instance:

1. If a man was sent to prison in the 1990s for being caught in a gay action, behind closed doors. Should he have to stay in prison now when gay people are protected by laws and allowed to marry?

2. 49,000 British gay men have been convicted under historic anti-gay laws in the UK, London, including Alan Turing, a gay man who broke the German Code in WW II and literal saved the UK's ass and helped win the war sooner.

3. Some gay people are simply seeking an acknowledgement and an apology for wrong and harmful actions to gay people.

4. Here's the real probably: Money. Suppose a career military officer was fired for being gay in the 1990s and lost his retirement. Should not his lost money, thousands of dollars, be restored to him now?

While it may be unthinkable in some parts of the US and in most religious denominations, other countries are thinking and acting along these lines.

For a well written article on Gay Reparations by Omar G. Encarnacion from "The New York Review of Books," Click Here.

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