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40 Studs in the 3D Paintings
Posted by: Ron @ Friday, March 8th 2019 @ 09:26:19 AM EST

The Australian artists goes by the name Butchsl. Okay, they are not really 3D (you can't do that in two dimensions), but they call it 3D rendering (which you can also see in some of the new really expensive HD TV sets.)

Here's what Butchsl has to say about his style:

"To my mind, the choice of model has always been the most important aspect of an image. I have created a small stable of uniquely "butch" characters. They are based on the physicality of the original '60s and "70s Colt Studio models. I made the conscious decision that my boys would never be skinny twinks; they'd always have hair where nature intended, maybe a bit of extra weight around the hips, not be overly pretty, and their nose and ears should look real."

See what you think of his work by Clicking Here.

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