his statue of David (the Biblical youth who killed a giant circa 1000 B.C.E.) with his slingshot is probably the all time favorite of men who like men. Even his slingshot hanging over his shoulder looks sexy. Pictures, paintings, and copies of it grace the living quarters of gay men around the world. Unlike the Hebrew David, the Italian model who posed for the artist was uncircumcised, and this fact draws attention to the statue's penis and ample testicles. Surely Michelangelo knew that Hebrew lads were circumcised. When he chiseled the penis, why did he not make it authentic? Did he prefer his men uncut? Or did he feel the model's penis was far too lovely to circumcise? Whatever his reason, his artistic genius makes David possibly the greatest male nude statue of that or any era.

The greatness of this statue was recognized from the beginning when it was decided to place it in the main square of the city. This was the first time since antiquity that a large statue of a nude man was exhibited in a public place!

Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence